Baltimore’s Best Rates on Jewelry Loans

If you need $100 to make it to your next paycheck, where can you get fast cash? The Goldfather offers a quick and easy way to get immediate cash at the lowest rates in town. You can get the cash you need, when you need it, without any hassles or cumbersome applications. Our jewelry loans are easier than you think because you’re working with a professional gold buyer you can trust!

Whether you’re seeking a small loan to get you by for a day, or you’re in need of a substantial amount of cash, The Goldfather offer you the assistance you need and can trust. No appointment is necessary, just come in for your free jewelry loan consultation. It’s safe and confidential. We know how difficult it is to part with your jewelry, but rest assured that the Goldfather will keep it safe and secure.

What are the advantages of a jewelry loan from The Goldfather?

  • You’ll get your money immediately. Walk out the same day with cash.
  • Your loan is not based on your credit. It’s based on the worth of your jewelry.
  • One of the lowest interest rates you’ll find anywhere. Only 10% per month.