The Original Gold Buyer Now Offers Loans!

The Original Goldfather has always been Baltimore’s most trusted coin dealer, gold buyer, coin shop. When you’re here, you’re not a customer… you are our GUEST… and that customer service and attention to detail is what makes us number one. Not to mention the fact that we pay the most! There is a good reason that we are Baltimore’s most successful gold buyers. It’s because we have spent many years earning our customers’ trust.


Sometimes you need a little extra cash fast… When that time comes, you want to deal with Baltimore’s original gold buyer and loan. The Original Goldfather always pays top dollar for jewelry, coins and precious metals. If you shop around, you’ll see that we are friendly, no-pressure coin and gold buyers who always pay the most.

Sell Your Gold!

The Original Goldfather has an impeccable reputation for honesty and BIG payouts. We buy broken and unwanted gold and silver jewelry. We BUY and SELL gold jewelry at deep discount prices.  We make it easy! Bring your gold and silver jewelry to The Original Goldfather and we will pay you cash on the spot.

Sell Your Silver!

The Original Goldfather purchases your unwanted silver jewelry, silverware and silver flatware and tea sets. You’d be surprised at what you might find in your attic or hutch and how much it’s really worth. If your silver sets and silverware have a marking that says Sterling, bring them in and we’ll pay you top dollar for them!

We pay 100% for Gold Coins

Get top dollar for your bullion or numismatic gold, silver, platinum or palladium. In addition to being a Baltimore’s top seller of precious metal coins and bars, The Original Goldfather pays 100% for the purchase of gold coins! We also buy silver, platinum and palladium products. We’re always looking for ways to replenish our inventory by offering competitive prices and deals for your numismatic or bullion coins and bars. Sell your Gold and Silver bullion at The Original Goldfather. Get cash now!